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UTC & Chattanooga State Partner to Expand Program Benefiting Nontraditional Students

By Mason Edwards, Staff Writer for the University Echo

Chancellor Steven Angle and President Rebecca Ashford, Chattanooga State Community College, sign a BAS-AL articulation agreement between the two schools. Friday, January 6, 2022. Seth Carpenter, Photo Editor

On Friday, Jan. 6, UTC Chancellor Steven Angle, P.hD., and Chattanooga State Community College President Rebecca Ashford, E.dD., signed an agreement of mutual understanding, which expanded the Bachelor of Arts and Science Applied Leadership (BAS-AL) Program.

Known by the signers as the BAS-AL articulation agreement, the document requires UTC to guarantee admission for Chattanooga State students who completed their Associate Degree in Applied Science and Business. Furthermore, the agreement solidified the credit transfer process as students apply into the BAS-AL Program, which started in 2021.

Dr. Angle began the ceremony behind a podium in the corner of the University Center’s UC Foundation Room. Rather than take one of the limited seats, most people stood during the talks.

“We’re building on a successful program,” Angle said, before explaining that the curriculum will be “flexible enough [for students] to keep a job and finish their degree.”

The ceremony’s speakers summarized the importance of the BAS-AL program and recognized its key contributors. They stressed how the agreement culminated from the efforts of professors and deans at both schools. 

Ashford found that the agreement followed Chattanooga State’s mission: letting students learn without limits.

“Anytime someone starts at another school and then transfers, there’s fear,” Ashford said. She gave an example about how credits transfer. “Now there are people on both sides looking out for them, to make sure it’s a seamless process.”

Nontraditional students like Chattanooga’s Public Works Department Solid Waste Manager Roshonda Woods benefited immediately. After graduating Chattanooga State some time ago, Woods worried about restarting her education at a large university, but she said the program gave her the confidence she needed.

(Left) UTC Provost Jerold Hale, UTC Chancellor Steven Angle, Chattanooga State President Rebecca Ashford; Chattanooga State Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Mosunmola George-Taylor, BAS-AL student Roshonda Woods, Chattanooga State Associate Professor of Business Clomeisha Tumlin, BAS-AL Program Adviser Beth Crawford, Chattanooga State Director of Recruitment and Orientation Kisha Thomas and UTC Associate Dean David Rausch stand for a posed photo at the signing of BAS-AL agreement between the two schools. Friday, January 6, 2022. Seth Carpenter, Photo Editor

“After hearing about this program… I thought this is something I can do. It was a no-brainer for me,” Woods said. “They’re also able to count any type of certificate classes I’ve had [throughout] my job.”

UTC’s Associate Dean of College of Health, Education and Professional Studies David Rausch, Ph.D., and UC Foundation Professor Elizabeth Crawford, EdD, developed the customized curriculum for the program; their students with busy schedules can attend online, schedule around a seven-week format and learn practical information, like effective decision-making.

UTC’s official newsletter released more information about the ceremony and program, which can be found here.

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