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Mason Edwards

Multimedia Journalist




Professional Goals

"Leave no stone unturned" is a favorite saying of mine, as my ambitious drive leads me to all corners of Eastern Tennessee. As an early-career multimedia journalist, I have developed a strong versatility with news writing, features writing, sports photography, videography and editing. I am not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions to get the story. Moreover, my defining trait-- unsatiable curiosity-- uniquely suits my passion for storytelling. 

Experienced in newsroom practice and field reportage, my next goal is to seek employment at a mid-sized newspaper. For my long-term career, I am committed to earning a spot among the industry's best at the LA Times, Washington Post or New York Times.

As an optimistic person, I know how to engage with people from diverse backgrounds, and I never forget my beginnings as the son of a factory employee and special education teacher. When not writing stories, I'm reading the news, practicing photojournalism or schooling opponents in an occasional video game. And, if I can work it into conversation, I always remind people to stay true to themselves. 

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